How We Work


Danda Build believes that the design and construction industry in Malta has devolved due to systemic flaws which plague traditional approaches to project delivery. The breakdown is attributed to the 'not-my-problem' mentality which exists in the relationship between owners, designers and contractors. As a result, collaboration and efficiency are compromised since they may have different goals.

This is where Danda Build comes in; with a synchronized team which continually collaborates to generate the ultimate in efficiency and value, creating a hassle free environment for the client. During the design process, Danda Build presents design options and together determines the clients’ critical project components; avoiding costly backtracking and redesign. Scheduling and estimating proceed on a parallel track with design, allowing for a faster and more reliable process - the result is the timely delivery of every project.


Danda Build brings value through innovative design while balancing image; function, quality, sustainability, and cost expectations.