Stages of Work


Danda Build has the flexibility to enter at any stage of the Design and Build process. Our services operate on five levels:

Design and Build

This scheme means Danda Build is there at the very beginning when architecture, engineering and construction management are collaborating and managing the project from day one. Design and Build incorporates all five stages, starting from the initial design and finishing with the execution of the development in the project management.


Danda Build is backed by the highly acclaimed architectural practice of DeMicoli & Associates. Should the project only require design and no construction or project management, no matter what the situation, Danda Build can deliver.


This scheme means Danda Build enters the project at the final stage, where the service primarily revolves around project management and the fit out works.


This scheme works based on the individual needs of the client and project; whether the alterations/upgrades of development require further design or simply project management to carry out the necessary works.

Minor Works

Danda Build handles all projects, big or small. This scheme relates to minor jobs using Danda Build’s handyman services. Danda Build uses its experienced and tested in-house handymen to complete any small project, from electrical work to painting.