The Investment of it all

July 09 | 2012

When you purchase a property there is always the dream that a couple of years down the line you can sell the space for a higher asking price than when you purchased it, making a bit of profit. That is not always the case and it certainly does not happen overnight; it takes investment, commitment and most of all, quality design. This is what Danda Build is known for, adding value to properties through interior design. Sometimes the devils in the details and little upgrades like walk in wardrobes, skylights, enlarging spaces and other minor adjustments can do a lot to a property in terms of its monetary and indeed aesthetic value. Do not be put off by a property’s negative aspects either; sometimes problems can be turned into elegant opportunities if left in the right hands.

The location is one of the defining factors in seeing a return on your investment. Hot spot areas are always a smart idea, but if you are a first time buyer, that might be a little out of your market price. If you do manage to purchase in a highly sought-after area, and by that we mean near a capital city, popular tourist destinations or busy business centres, then purchase with purpose and potential. If you cannot afford to live in such an area, then look to upcoming areas and consult with professionals before making your decision.If you can, purchase on plan. There are many benefits to purchasing asking  on plan, primarily that the price would be considerably lower and depending on the developer or architect , you would be able to have design input, plan your kitchen, room layouts, entertainment systems and more. The drawback is that you are purchasing on paper, so you are running a number of risks; finishes or structural work might be shabbier or smaller than you had intended. If you are determined to want to purchase on plan, however, then you need to completely trust the designers, developers and contractors, but do your research beforehand.

After shortlisting properties, it is time to choose. This decision should be based on facts; if your choice of properties are shortlisted then you should be happy living in all of them, so now it is time to get logical and practical. Think of your lifestyle and if the property fits, start thinking of the property as an investment and not only a home. Will it be easy to resell? Does it have a lift or a good entrance? What are the property’s negative aspects? Could you do something to improve them? Buy with potential, keep that in mind – and always consult with professionals. Finally, we suggest taking a quick look at the Local Plan to see what other future developments are in store for that surrounding area; you might get lucky and happen to purchase near a newly proposed park or garden, or better still you can plan to do just this.

Doing your research has two positive functions, firstly, you’d be able to make sure that your view and natural light sources will not be obstructed in the future, you can check height limitations and what future neighbours are planning; and secondly, it is always advantageous to know what private or public initiatives are being planned for that locality, it could make a difference on your return on investment. 

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