Why should I choose the Design and Build approach?

The Design and Build approach means that one company handles every aspect of a project, from the initial planning and surveying, to the complete overseeing, construction, finishing works and interior design works. Our well-integrated and solid project management team will work closely alongside you, assessing your needs and your budget and ensuring that the project is completed to the highest standards. A design and build approach ensures that your investment is protected, whilst saving you time, money, and preventing the disadvantage of working with multiple (and often competing) entities.

Do I need to hire an Architect?

No, Danda Build have our own experience in-house architects, so there is no need to hire from outside at an extra cost.

Why do I need design plans before building works are carried out?

A well-structured and designed plan provides you with an accurate representation of the final product, which is used to price the project and determine what items are included. We believe that all of our clients should obtain the very best end results, and so we ask the questions and ensure that all decisions are made during the planning stage. Careful planning ensures that no costly mistakes are made during the construction stages.

I would like to discuss building an extension to my home/doing some renovation works, what is the procedure?

You can contact us directly to schedule an on-site appointment, or you can join us at our offices for a consultation if you prefer. We will discuss your ideas, and understand the space in which we have to work. We will also discuss and review a realistic budget for the project in question.

Once the scope of the works have been agreed on, we can begin the initial concept planning stage against a non-refundable design retainer fee.

Is my project too small for you?

Danda Build has over the years gained the knowledge and expertise to handle all jobs, large and small, and so depending on the scope of the work we can manage it in a cost-effective and efficient way, whether it is construction or design related.

Can you help me in choosing my materials and finishes?

Yes, Danda Build has the expertise in selecting from a palate of materials to meet your scope, budget and timing. We have relationships with numerous local suppliers and can also source specific items and materials from abroad.

What is your payment schedule?

For larger projects we generally ask for a deposit upfront and subsequent payments are made as work progresses on site. For other projects we request payment on the completion of works.


I have had my ideas for a house drawn up by an architect. Will this reduce the cost of my project?

Investing enough time in the planning stages of the project will generally save time and money by doing things right the first time. We advocate thinking things through from the beginning, and working out the details early and how the components will fit together in the end. We can review any plans you might have and attempt to improve upon them by creating more value.


Can we use Danda Build for the planning and design stage, and then hire another company to take on the construction and finishing works?

The advantage in using Danda Build as a single solution minimizes the risk of things falling through the cracks. This approach also saves our clients time and hassle with dealing with multiple providers. You will find that our construction and finishing works are of a good quality and pricing is competitive.