About Us


Danda Build is a design and build company based in Malta which works with a personalised approach to project management.


This means that Danda Build's project managers, architects, engineers, interior designers and construction managers are all designing, planning and managing your project from day one.

This multifunctional team continually collaborates and creates the ultimate in efficiency and value; forming a hassle free environment for you. This means that there is one contact person you can refer to for the entire project; from discussing the acquisition of permits and details on alterations, to the colour of the tiles and quality style of furnishing.


This person is solely accountable and is constantly on call, making your entire experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

However, Danda Build understands that not all clients in Malta need the full range of design or construction services provided. That is why Danda Build works in stages, whereby Danda Build can contribute for one or all of the work stages in the design and build process; be it interior design, project management, furnishings or alterations - Danda Build is flexible and fast