Project Management

Danda Build has a history and reputation of scheduling and delivering projects on time and within budget. The design and build system allows our management team to plan, organise, manage, lead and control resources to achieve our clients goals. Our procedures include: thoroughly outlining works that need to be carried out, managing the work plan and continually monitoring schedule and budget, keeping a look out for risks and preventing struggles and inconveniences; ensuring client communication through prompt and correct decisions.


With a team of professionals based in Malta and internationally, in sync and geared up to go; we have proven that we can execute projects well, big or small, and to a high standard within budget and on time.

Office Fit-Outs


Danda Build specializes in office fit-outs in Malta, because we understand the different planning stages, variables and considerations when it comes to designing a space for business occupation and communication. This is why it is important when scheduling office space to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing, efficient and functional. The initial phase of the service involves researching and communicating what are the uses, systems and priorities of the space or office employees and visitors.

Retail Fit-Outs


Danda Build understands that retail fit-out as a sector typically involves a variety of sales floor formats across a diverse portfolio and there is need for high function and feasible space; including the importance of offering integrated solutions for each individual project. With proper planning and communication Danda Build can promise a fast, reliable and high quality delivery within budget. Aside from designing space function, Danda Build can assist in the branding of the outlet. This is done through our partner, Dfab.Studio which is a design and fabrication studio providing design and laser cutting services specifically aimed at the architecture, artistic, design and commercial fields in Malta.

Dfab.Studio is a young, ambitious company with fresh concepts, design methodologies and the right toolset to develop and execute any job to the highest of standards. This means that Danda Build can deliver a unique specialized floor plan or even custom designs and branding, from bespoke display cases to signage and much more, as always within budget and on time.